Another one in the books.

The 17th Pro Am Jam is now behind us and in the books and all in all things went pretty well.

The preliminary final scores have been uploaded to the PDGA site for review. This gives everyone a chance to review their scores and contact us with any discrepancies before we send in the final report. The final will be sent in in about a week. So, if you haven’t reviewed your scores, verified your division and PDGA number and checked the spelling of your name, do so as soon as possible. Once the report has been sent in it is much harder to make corrections.

There were a few glitches in the tournament as one would expect with a new venue. The North course was “not ready for prime time” as the last basket had just been put in the Thursday before the tournament. The course definitely needs a little more work which I am sure it will get in the upcoming months. There were some paperwork issues in that some sites were double booked and there were some issues with the rangers in that promises and agreements were made then immediately forgotten.

It’s a funny thing about running tournaments. Each year we make a list of what didn’t work and needs to be changed. By the time the next tournament rolls around, we have made the noted changes but we have a whole new list of what didn’t work.

For the next Pro Am Jam (if we are still running it…)

  1. Pre Reg ONLY. We try to do that each year and we always have the last minute entries which just create chaos. So, for next year PRE REG ONLY!!!
  2. $20 Late fee for ‘morning of’ registration… Yeah, like I said, it just creates unbelievable chaos.
  3. None of this ‘one scorecard per player per round’. Again….chaos for record keeping. Takes too long to look up previous rounds.
  4. Definitely use the North Course for tournament and camping. If we can get assistants, do barbeque lunch!

How about you guys? What worked and what didn’t? And do us a favor…scroll down and on the right side please take the poll. Do you want to see the Pro Am Jam return to Lake Mendocino. If not, where do you suggest/

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