Beautiful Opening

We had a great turnout for the opening of the Crane Creek course yesterday. We filled up the parking lot! The Rangers were great about allowing us to double-park, park on an angle…whatever it took to get everybody in and ready to play. After a brief address from Kevin Parkhurst, the ribbon was cut and the course was officially open. We had another brief pause while Steve Werner’s basket was sunk in place to the applause of all onlookers, then we watched while the first foursome threw the first discs from the first tee then it was time to play. The weather, as many will remember, was bright and sunny with record . We will be posting photos in a couple of days. There was only one blemish on what was otherwise a perfect day. One player, whose name I will not post (but whose name is known to Kevin Parkhurst) felt it was his right to engage in a heated oratory with anyone who would listen. He felt that what he saw on the course (one cigarette and a glass pipe on the grass) was such an affront to his sensibilities that harsh disciplinary actions should immediately be taken. It did not matter that the cigarette was still in the smoking area or that the pipe was neither filled nor lit. I received a long written diatribe in my email this morning (which I answered politely) that has shed some light on the issue.

This person admits to being a newer player from Southern Californiia. He arrived at the course in the afternoon and was totally unaware of the memorial nature of the opening. He was also unaware of the memorial pipes containing Steve Werner’s ashes and that those ashes were being scattered on course and would cause no fire hazard.  In any case, I suggest we all show him the hospitality and fellowship that we in Northern California are known for. If he lives here long enough maybe he can learn to relax a little.

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