Big “Thank You” to DiscGolfer Magazine

And and great big “Thank You” to Disc Golf Hall of Famer Tom Schot, the man behind the Monterey Pro Worlds, for the credit he gave to the UFOS in his interview in this month’s issue. For those who have not yet read the interview which starts on Page 20, he responded to a question about the Monterey Bay area being the “epicenter” of disc sports with the following:

Before Santa Crus, Sonoma State was where everything was happening. They had a really good group up there, the UFOS. They had a lot of energy and organizers. They were going strong. When I returned here (Monterey area) in 1976 there was no disc activity at all in Santa Cruz. He also give a nod to Tom McRann for organizing disc sports in the North Bay.

If you have not read the interview, please check it out in the Summer 2011 issue of DiscGolfer. It starts on page 20.

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