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KOA Pro/Am Jam a hit!

Well, the first KOA Pro/Am Jam without Mike Ruzicka at the helm, went off with few hitches. There was a tremendous turnout, one of the biggest in recent years and the prospective new owners of the KOA were pleased enough to invite the UFOS to throw two tournaments a year instead of one!<–more–>

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Green Mini-Disc found on 17 at Stafford Lake

If you are Steve S and the last four digits of your phone (prefix is unreadable) is 9441, Mike Maxey found your disc on hole 17 at Stafford. If you know Mike, (disguising his email to screw up spam harvesters) give him a call or drop him an email to make arrangements to get it back. His email is: his first initial + j + his last name at verizon dot net

Yet another way…..Frisbee Football

Frisbee FootballTeams should be of equal number; each team has a goalie, as well as offensive and defensive players.

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Stafford Lake Fire

Our thanks to Ed Levine who sends us the following news…

There was a grass fire at Stafford Lake yesterday. The fire occured about 2:30 p.m. and burnt about 6.5 acres of grass on holes 9 and 13. The fire was put out by about 40 Novato firefighters. It is going to be very black on those holes for the next few weeks. Some of the trees between 13 and 9 were charred. Some of the brush along the ball golf course side of 9 was cut down.

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