We have received a complaint regarding the Crane Creek course that I am passing along. Unfortunately, the complaint was posted as a question instead of a comment and the complainant did not sign his or her name so I could reply to them and let them know that the UFOS are not the only ones who play the course. The course is also used by the public. I am posting the message verbatim below. I want to assure the person that their concerns will be brought up at the next meeting of the membership. Unfortunately, that will have no effect on non-members who play the course.

Complaint follows:

Crane Park – I have noticed that you have a rules and regulation board at the beginning of the course that none of your participants seem to follow as to the rule of waiting for other people walking by to pass. I have a dog that is very stressed by the disc golfers and is becoming so afraid of them now he is jumping and almost pulling me down. Your group is putting me at risk, my dog at risk, and your people at risk. He is a dog traumatized by abuse and the park was a quiet place for him to walk and recover from his past. I have heard complaints from other dog owners that their dogs want to chase the frisbees. Please be respectful of us (dog owners and horse owners) since we all have to share this park. Please repost your sign to state that you must wait to throw your disc until after dogs and horses have passed by (and a Twitter posting would be nice!). We don’t need accidents happening to anyone and everyone wants a pleasant experience in the park, including the animals.