We would like to express our appreciaton to other webmasters and tournament directors for their support of this year’s KOA Pro Am Jam.  Thanks to their willingness to announce the event on their sites and post a link to our flyers, we are receiving entries from all  parts of California.   We are more than willing to reciprocate in this matter.  As soon as I receive announcements and/or flyers announcing other events I make an effort to get them on-line as quickly as possible.  I do request that other tournament directors or sites please send me a digital copy because the quality of a scanned hard copy is not quite as sharp.  We are more than happy to print out copies and hand them out at our venues to accommodate players who do not have online access.

We would like to suggest an alliance (of sorts) of tournament directors and webmasters  that would enable use to more easily publicize each other’s events.  If you have an upcoming tourney, please  mail us your flyer so we can print out copies and have them available at the KOA.  We would also like to post a link to your website or event announcement.  Let’s help each other.