Dates: June 4th and 5th

Number of entries: 185

Number of holes: 22

Course Conditions: Heavy rain, extremely muddy, treacherous footing.

Our top Pro player took home $505.00

Tournament Aces: 7

On the first day of the tournament (Saturday 4th):
Jim Waltermire aced hole 11 (his first ever tournament Ace)
Chad Santos aced hole 7A
Duane Fuller aced hole 8

On the second day (Sunday 5th)
Eric Crespo aced hole 17
Shane Kimbrel aced hole 7A
Dallas Albright aced hole 14
John Khury aced hole 2


FPO (Open Women)

1st Kirsten Losse
2nd Kim Dennig
3rd Jamie Peck

MPO (Open Men)

1st Dallas Albright
2nd John Child
3rd Roger Cansler

MPM (Open Master)

1st Scott Miller
2nd Ron Brown
3rd Matthew Scott

MPG (Open Grand Master)

1st David Fultz
2nd Michael Hendler
3rd Greg Lacomb

FW1 (Advanced Women)
We had only two Advanced Women which is not enough for a division. Both Advanced and Intermediate Women elected to play as Advanced.

1st Ali Andreason
2nd Meagan Anderson
3rd Anne Farrell

MA1 (Advanced Men)

1st Caleb Gribi
2nd Nate Hambright
3rd Richard Bautista

MM1 (Advanced Master)

1st Ron Cole
2nd Les Swift
3rd David Mairs

MG1 (Advanced Grand Master)

1st Bob Levander
2nd Bob Fultz
3rd Scott Snyder

MS1 (Advanced Senior Grand Master)

1st Mike Corbett
2nd Thomas Nichols
3rd DNF

MA2 (Intermediate Men)

1st Tony Lockard
2nd Scott Poyner
3rd Shawn Anderson

MA3 (Recreational Men)

1st Michael Bennett
2nd Hawk Stever
3rd Nathan Anderson