Hey Guys, I received this via our contact page and thought some of you who have been through this who process could respond to him with some guidance and, most of all, encouragement.

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Hey folks- I’m doing a school project trying to find a suitable site for a disc golf course in western Sonoma County using GIS tools. Anyone here have any history trying to put a new one in? If so, what snags have you run into as far as obstacles(politics, $$, etc.)and progress made thus far? I’m hoping that eventually this school project can turn into an actual proposal or at least help in some way in getting an official course out my way. I live in Occidental and it just seems natural to have a course SOMEWHERE out here. Anyway, since this is the official disc golf group of Sonoma County, if you wish, anything you can help me with can be included in my report as “data”. I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks-
David Mullis

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