A Field of Lupens

A field of Lupens

Spring has come to Crane Creek and with it, a change to the weekly activities schedule. From now until mid October (when we will go to the Fall Schedule), we will be having the Handicap Singles League on Tuesday afternoons beginning at 5 PM. Random Doubles will move from Sunday to Wednesday afternoon at 5pm. The monthly Bag Tag Challenge will move to Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

April has also brought the proverbial “Spring Showers” although they have proven to be somewhat more than “showers”. They are, however, good for the new crop of trees that have been planted throughout the course, courtesy of Neal Hollewarth. Thank you, Mr. Neal. We have had other people offer trees for the course but the county is on a campaign to return their properties to a ‘natural state’ condition and this means all new plantings we be of native California species. Mr Neal offered a number of Live Oak and California Buckeyes which fit right in with the county mandate. All the trees have been planted and the current wet conditions should give them a great start before the dry Summer season.