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Crane Creek Complaint

We have received a complaint regarding the Crane Creek course that I am passing along. Unfortunately, the complaint was posted as a question instead of a comment and the complainant did not sign his or her name so I could reply to them and let them know that the UFOS are not the only ones who play the course. The course is also used by the public. I am posting the message verbatim below. I want to assure the person that their concerns will be brought up at the next meeting of the membership. Unfortunately, that will have no effect on non-members who play the course.

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Beautiful Opening

We had a great turnout for the opening of the Crane Creek course yesterday. We filled up the parking lot! The Rangers were great about allowing us to double-park, park on an angle…whatever it took to get everybody in and ready to play. After a brief address from Kevin Parkhurst, the ribbon was cut and the course was officially open. We had another brief pause while Steve Werner’s basket was sunk in place to the applause of all onlookers, then we watched while the first foursome threw the first discs from the first tee then it was time to play. Continue reading

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