Mike Corbett was kind enough to send this along. He received it from Mark Brown. Looks like they are still having the disc golf weekends up there. Too bad they priced the site so high we couldn’t afford it for the last Mach 1. Maybe if the economy improves the Mach 1 can return to Brown ‘N Bows in the future.
Location: Browns Valley, CA
Our disc golf weekend is coming up on April 15th thru April 17th.. As long as we have enough participants, we will continue to add weekends thru the winter. Remember, you can play til 5:00 each day as long as you are parked at the entrance. Those spending the weekend will need to have their vehicles brought to the entrance after their campsites are broken down and picked up by 3:00 on Sunday. All trash is to be brought to the front dumpster. Please don’t leave trash in the garbage cans around the facility, those are there to help you keep garbage in one place until you leave.

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