Thanks to SkippyJammer for this.UFOS at Indian Summer 1978

Top row left to right is Ken Castleberry, Mary Ann Bowman, Evan David, John Wright(tournament director and head nerd) Richie Wolfe, Mark Dixon (cartoon artist of Neil Delay in Frisbee World),JimThomas, g. rose, Corey Basso, Mike Esterbrook, Steve Conners.

Middle row left to right is Mike Hayes, Dana Green, Jan Constantini, Don Dutton.

Bottom row left to right is Michelle Pezolli, Billy Caplan, Bruce “Parsley” Petersilgie, mystery jammer, Steve Lane, Lois Cohen, mystery jammer, mystery jammer, Kent Simmons, and last as always Jimmy Zuur.

Missing are The Godfather of the UFOS, John Bird as well as Don Vaughn, Margaret “Muggs” Curtis, Buddy Steele and Tom Wright

Thanks to Skippy Jammer for the great Pic.