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We have received a complaint regarding the Crane Creek course that I am passing along. Unfortunately, the complaint was posted as a question instead of a comment and the complainant did not sign his or her name so I could reply to them and let them know that the UFOS are not the only ones who play the course. The course is also used by the public. I am posting the message verbatim below. I want to assure the person that their concerns will be brought up at the next meeting of the membership. Unfortunately, that will have no effect on non-members who play the course.

Complaint follows:

Crane Park – I have noticed that you have a rules and regulation board at the beginning of the course that none of your participants seem to follow as to the rule of waiting for other people walking by to pass. I have a dog that is very stressed by the disc golfers and is becoming so afraid of them now he is jumping and almost pulling me down. Your group is putting me at risk, my dog at risk, and your people at risk. He is a dog traumatized by abuse and the park was a quiet place for him to walk and recover from his past. I have heard complaints from other dog owners that their dogs want to chase the frisbees. Please be respectful of us (dog owners and horse owners) since we all have to share this park. Please repost your sign to state that you must wait to throw your disc until after dogs and horses have passed by (and a Twitter posting would be nice!). We don’t need accidents happening to anyone and everyone wants a pleasant experience in the park, including the animals.

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  1. Re: Crane Creek Complaint
    As a regular player of the new disc golf course at Crane Creek it is extremely important to me that all users of the park enjoy it together.

    However, I would like to address this complaint. First, I resent that the author quotes “none of your participants seem to follow…”, in this case, a particular rule. Actually, from my observations, most of the disc golf players I know and play with, including myself, do follow the rules and make sure to check trails before throwing.

    Second, as I do agree that a flying disc can be dangerous should it hit a person or a horse, one can also argue that someone walking their dog or riding their bike can accidentally spook a horse, causing it to bolt and possibly injure the rider or anyone in the horse’s path. Or, a bicyclist coming around a corner could accidentally hit and injure a hiker or dog and their owner, scenarios that can happen in all parts of this park, not just at the disc golf course.

    As a user of the park and the disc golf course, in particular, I always respect the other users of the park and expect them to do the same for me. I also do my best to police other disc golfers when they don’t follow the rules, but unfortunately, I cannot be there at all hours of the day to prevent rules from being broken.

    Further reason why I really don’t appreciate being lumped together with the few who aren’t following the rules as you have commented above. I, too, have spoken to those with dogs and horses, none of whom had any issues with the course being in the park at all.

    I also found that your comments appear to refer to the disc golf course as an exclusive place for those who play the sport. That is not the case, rather it is for anyone who visits the park and wants to learn a new activity.

    It is unfortunate that you have a skittish dog, who, from all accounts appears to be spooked by many things besides disc golfers. Can it be assumed that if you were to walk around a tree, in a quiet part of the park, find a horse coming around that same corner, from the opposite direction, that your dog would also become spooked of horses? Or, if it were a mountain bicyclist, same result?

    Frankly, if you are concerned about your dog injuring yourself or someone else because it is spooked, it may not be a good idea for you to bring it to a park where it can be spooked so easily, especially if you are unable to control the animal. I feel it is unfair for you to just blame the disc golf community for causing your dog’s fear, especially since you can completely avoid the course entirely by taking the main trail that completely skirts the course and walk your dog in a huge part of the park that is free from flying discs. Certainly there are plenty of quiet areas there for you and your dog to walk in.

    As we are asked to conform to the rules surrounding disc golf in the park, we hope that other park users, including yourself, comply with the rules that pertain to the other activities that take place in the park as well i.e. picking up after one’s dog, keeping dogs on a leash, riding a horse or mountain bike within designated areas, all of which I have witnessed being broken.

    Do we as park users complain to the governing groups of horseback riders, mountain bikers and dog walkers when members of their groups break rules? No, it should be mentioned to a park ranger so that they can look for it and act accordingly when witnessed.

    In conclusion, please remember, this is a public park and no one should have the exclusive right to use it, whether for a skittish dog or for disc golf. Crane Creek has many unique features and areas within its boundaries where people can co-exist and enjoy the park together.

    Thank you to those who work toward compromise.

    Greg G.
    Rohnert Park

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