Crane Creek Handicap Singles

Handicap Singles are held each Tuesday at Crane Creek.

Fee is $6.00 per player.
$1.00 is retained by the club
$1.00 Ace Pool
$4.00 goes into the payout pot and is paid out each to the player with the lowest adjusted score. If two players tie, the pot is split among them.

Three weeks of play required to establish handicap.

We have a rolling start beginning at 4:00 pm. As soon as there are enough players to form a group, we send you out.


Through 6/28/11
Regular Players (with more than three weeks of play)

Player Adjusted Average
Lewis Bitney 47
Bob Proctor 48
George Houston 50
Eric Nelson 50
Steve Schroeder 50
Devon Kreyenhagen 50
Justin Napier 51
Greg Goben 51
James Proctor 52
Jason Tucker 55
Justin Wilson 64
Bill Dooley 48
Jeremy Taylor 48

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