Help! Fire at Crane Creek.

CraneCreekVandalsA couple of morons started a fire just off of hole 11 at Crane Creek today. Fortunately, a couple of our guys were there and took a photo of the jerks as they fled the scene. Thanks to Steve Schroeder and Noah Parker we have good descriptions of both the truck and the guys.

White Toyota Pick up. No shell/camper. Raggae/Rasta sticker in back window.
Driver: Big Stocky (FAT) guy with full hillbilly type beard. Shorts. Bag full of discs. One of the big bags with the shoulder straps making it into a back pack. About 5’10 – 6’0″ maybe. Reddish brown sort of beard. White t-shirt.
Passenger: Smaller, stocky. about 5’7″ to 5’9″. Younger but not by much. Darker hair from what we could see. Yellow t-shirt. Both had disc bags.

According to our guys, the two made a run for the parking lot as soon as they saw what they had done and made their getaway. If anyone knows the guys, or have any info on the truck, please contact the police or the rangers. Help save our Course!

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