KOA Final Report

Well, we have survived the KOA Pro Am Jam for another year and, for the most part, the tournament was a great success.

The final count was 171 participants spread over 13 divisions. This was well above the project field size which did create some logistical problems. To support the larger field size, we added three temporary holes for a total of 21 holes for the tournament. Full results are posted on the PDGA site. Please have a look if you get the chance and report any discrepancies.

Tournament Highlights

  • For the first time, we had a division for Advance Senior Grand Masters which we were happy to see.
  • We celebrated two birthdays on tournament weekend. for Kim Dennig and Ben Fairley.
  • There were four Aces during the tournament, two on Saturday (short position) and two on Sunday (long position).

      Justin David Hole 14
      Mike Powell Hole 7B


      Jordan Welsh Hole 14
      Dan Corbett Hole 8
  • After being sidelined for over a year by an injury, Darla Thomas returned to play following successful surgery to take second play in the Advanced Women’s Division.
  • Matt Orum, who took first place in the Open Mens’ Division, traveled the greatest distance to participate. He was visiting all the way from Mobile, Alabama.

Partial Results

Open Men
Matt Ourum
Dallas Albright
Justin Wilson

Open Women
Jaimie Peck
Becky Terrill
Kimberly Dennig

Open Masters
Roger Cansler
Ronald (Skull) Brown
Patrick Brown

Open Grand Masters
Kevin Couch
Michael Hendler
Dave Fultz

Advanced Women
Anne Farrell
Darla Thomas
Kari Rose

Advanced Men
Mike Powell
Jesse Bowers
David Jensen

Advanced Masters
Nick Kloeppel
Bob Proctor
Terry Woods

Advanced Grand Masters
Edward Levine
Everett Lyons
G. Scott Penfield

Advanced Senior Grand Masters
Dan Penn
Thomas Nichols
Mike Corbett

Intermediate Women
Megan Anderson
Anna Caudle
Erica Norton

Intermediate Men
Tommy Lawler
Derrick Robbings
David Gallagher

Recreational Men
Aaron Leedy
Elec Pryor
Matthew McAllister

Alex Koozer
Jewel Streeter
Duncan DelSecco

Our thanks to Play It Again Sports in Santa Rosa who were our sponsors again this year. Also thanks to everyone who turned out to help, Kevin Parkhurst, Eric Edwards, Shyne, Ben Fairley, Chris Caudle, Frank Moynihan, Russ and especially Neil Holwarth who is everyone’s guardian angel.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the raffle, The Basket Cases, Napa Disc Golf Club, The Arm Farm, Disc Golf Outlaws, Play It Again Sports, UFOS and so many others.

There were a few minor difficulties experienced during the tournament, related to both venue and execution. These will be addressed (and hopefully resolved) at the next club meeting. Your comments will help greatly in this area, so if you have any suggestions or criticisms we want to hear it. If we don’t know it’s broken, we can’t fix it.

Hope to see you again next year, and now it’s on toward the Stafford Lake Open, Indian Summer and the Mach 1.

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