KOA Results are posted.

This year’s KOA Pro Am Jam is complete and the final standings are available at the PDGA site.

The tournament went fairly well. Play for the first day flowed smoothly and without problems.. There were a few slowdowns and backups on the second day and play ended much later than we had planned. We had hoped that we could get people on the road much sooner for that long ride home.

We had a really happenin’ raffle with two baskets, collectible discs, wearables and much more. We hope to have pictures up in a couple of days.

We had planned to “Twitter” directly from the tournament but WIFI connectivity at Tournament Central proved to be just too spotty.

There were two Aces during the Tournament, both Nic Kons (Intermediate Men) and Dan Bertonchini (Advanced Grand Masters) rang the chains. Dan went on to win his division and Nic took third (in a playoff of a three way tie for first) in his. Congratulations, guys!

Go to the PDGA web site for complete placements but here are some highlights.

Open Women 1st Place Kimberly Dennig
Open Women 2nd Place Becky Terrill
Open Women 3rd Place Patricia Paegelow
Open Men 1st Place Jesse Williams
Open Men 2nd Place Jere Eshelman
Open Men 3rd Place Jeffrey Faes
Open Masters 1st Place Jason Tyra
Open Masters 2nd Place Patrick Brown
Open Masters 3rd Place Mitch Carbone
Open Grand Masters 1st Place David Fultz
Open Grand Masters 2nd Place Dan Rea
Open Grand Masters 3rd Place Jim Meadows
Advanced Women 1st Place Nicole Weimer
Advanced Women 2nd Place Johanna Atkinson
Advanced Women 3rd Place Katie Pixley
Intermediate Women 1st Place Erica Norton
Intermediate Women 2nd Place Meagan Bell
Intermediate Women 3rd Place Anna Caudle
Advanced Men 1st Place Jesse Gardner
Advanced Men 2nd Place Richard Bautista
Advanced Men 3rd Place Eric Crespo
Intermediate Men 1st Place Owen Bare
Intermediate Men 2nd Place Kyle Davis
Intermediate Men 3rd Place Nic Kons
Recreational Men 1st Place Robert Bare
Recreational Men 2nd Place Casey Jensen
Recreational Men 3rd Place Nick Forrette
Advanced Masters 1st Place Birk Ellis
Advanced Masters 2nd Place Les Swift
Advanced Masters 3rd Place Bob Proctor
Advanced Grand Masters 1st Place Dan Bertonchini
Advanced Grand Masters 2nd Place Ed Levine
Advanced Grand Masters 3rd Place Eric Macbean

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