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For those of you who don’t have or use Facebook, I am reprinting the latest news from Roger Cansler…and I quote.

Outstanding Parks Supervisory Board meeting tonight, Taylor Mountain is one step closer to approval, one more meeting for the board to approve our licensing agreement. If we need everyone at a meeting we will definitely get the information out, possibly in late July but for sure by August this meeting will happen. During this meeting the former Russian River parks manager now a member of the board showed his interest in us putting a disc golf course in in the Guerneville area…wait there’s more, next a park planner working on Maxwell farms wanted to know if we had looked at the back part of the park there, we said been there proposed years ago, why? probably back on for there….oh wait there’s more, the woman running the board came from the State park board to Sonoma County, she loves disc golf, she was talking about a privately funded commission she was on to see how to make the state parks some money……No brainer, I caught her outside and said why not disc golf in the state parks even though it’s been a no go forever….she said she is definitely going to be proposing it at the commission, I quickly volunteered to spearhead that State Park course seeding. now smile UFOS

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