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At least the Press Democrat likes us…

Bill-Putting-300x219Another great story in the local “Towns” section of the Press Democrat. This makes about three stories they have done on us. This one started when I posted the Crane Creek Ace Race on their events calendar. I then received an email from Nick Walden, the Cotati/Rohnert Park correspondent asking who he could talk to for more info. I forwarded that to Kevin Parkhurst and low and behold they sent out a photographer and everything.


While many people might understand the concept of disc golf, playing a golf-like course using a flying disc or Frisbee, the number of people who have actually played a round is still in the minority; but that number is growing steadily. In Sonoma County disc golf has had a continual presence over the years, thanks in part to Kevin Parkhurst. Parkhurst, 52, of Windsor, has been playing the game for thirsty years, first starting at Sonoma State with friends. From humble beginnings they started a chartered student club at SSU in 1976 that has now become the sporting nonprofit organization, the United Flyers of Sonoma.

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