‘Mock’ 1 – 2008

The ‘Mock 1? tournament (non-sanctioned)held at beautiful Browns ‘N Bows over the weekend of October 4, 2008, was a resounding hit. The tournament was a benefit for Steve Werner, long time UFOS member who was recently stricken with Cancer. In spite of the ‘monsoon’ that moved in the night of October 3rd, the turnout was actually pretty good. I believe we had 43 players and we raised a total of $1663 for Steve. This couldn’t have come at a better time because he just moved into a new apartment and this was a great help with moving expenses.

The torrential downpour of Friday night, although it did drive some less hardy players (or at least their tents were less hardy) inside for the night did absolutely nothing to dampen anyone’s spirits. There were only a couple of light showers Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend was clear. The upper pond had just be stocked with Rainbow so the time before and between rounds was spend fishing (catch and release). All in all, a great time was had by everyone, although the ‘Spud
Artillery’ did not put in an appearance. The end result is that we have been given the go-ahead for next year at the resort and hopefully the weather will be more cooperative. Yeaaaaah! Browns ‘N Bows is Back!! We missed it.

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