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This website, and all reviews, anecdotes and/or posts, submitted and posted are within the public domain. We support the tenets of free speech as defined by United States of America laws and we endeavor not to interfere with our Users’ right to free speech.

However, we must exercise an appropriate amount of control over unsolicited postings in order to keep this website accessible to the widest range of viewers.

Postings that are considered off topic will be deemed inappropriate and will not be posted to the website. Likewise, postings that exhibit offensive language or rhetoric, or are blatant misrepresentations of fact will be deemed inappropriate and therefore, also will not be posted.   This web site and the materials herein will be kept appropriate for all people regardless of age, race, ethnic and/or religious background.

UFOSDG reserves the right to post, not post, edit or delete reviews and/or posts that are submitted through this website to the appropriate section(s) or pages of this website. Furthermore, UFOSDG assumes no legal liability for any information posted to or stored within this website and database, or the effect of its Users’ reviews on the patronage of an establishment or service. Users’ posts and/or reviews do not necessarily reflect the opinion or feelings of the UFOS membership.

Posts consisting of strictly commercial spam type information (although some of our readership might use Viagra, they are not interested in buying it though our website) will be immediately.  All submitted postings are monitored before being released to publication and the submitter’s ip address is provided.   Any such postings (Cialis, Viagra…you know who you are) will result in the ip and user being blocked.

Violation of any of the tenants of this posting policy will result in suspension of the author’s membership for 30 days (first offense) or 60 days (second offense). Continued violation of any of these policies will result in a permanent ban.

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