The United Flyers of Sonoma are a not-for-profit organization chartered
to promote greater participation in the sport of Disc Golf.

The UFOS site has a limited number of sponsorship spots available. All funds received via sponsorship will go toward funding club and site activities and site maintenance.

We do reserve the right to refuse advertisements that promote certain activities. We will not accept ads promoting ‘adult’ or gambling related sites. All ad copy is subject to review for appropriate content. These terms are subject to change, so check often.

Sponsorship Opportunities Currently Available

We have 4 baskets available for sponsorship on the Steve Werner Memorial Golf Course at Crane Creek Regional Park. A permanent sign will be placed containing your information. These highly desirable spots are available at $500 each. This can also be a co-op sponsorship and becomes extremely affordable when several share the sponsorship. For more information on this opportunity,
please inquire via the “Contact” tab on our upper menu-bar or email webmama@ufosdg.org.

Below are shown the sponsorship subscription opportunities. A Permanent spot
in our “Sponsorship Heroes” listing is automatically awarded to anyone who contributes
$50 or more in either cash or merchandise to one of our tournaments or contests. To
inquire about this option, please use our “Contact Us” form and select “Sponsorship Opportunity”
from the drop down subject list.

120 X 60 Graphic or Text.
3 available,
Front page only
Above the Fold
$25.00 per month.
$20.00 per month 3 month Supscription
$15.00 per month 6 month Supscription
$10 month – Year’s Subscription

Text ad. Site Wide or home page only,
left column.
as low as $15.00 per month.

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