Steve Werner Memorial Disc Golf Course

We had a very nice write-up on the course that appeared in local newspaper “The Bohemian”. It appeared in their “Best of The North Bay” Recreation 2011 section. Text follows. Thanks to Greg Goben for flagging this for me, and thanks to the Bohemian for the write-up!

Best 18 Holes to Backhand a Frisbee

The coolest thing to do in Rohnert Park is golf, but not with woods and irons. The best course is actually just outside the city, and it requires Frisbees. The Steve Werner Memorial Disc Golf Course at Crane Creek Regional Park is a five-minute drive from Sonoma State University, and the 18-hole hike can take 20 minutes to two hours to finish, depending on the golfer’s mood. The course is free to all (there’s a $6 Crane Creek parking fee), and like the park, it’s open sunup to sunset. The beautiful scenery can be mesmerizing, from 100-year-old oaks to miles of agriculture untouched by the bulldozers and cranes of development. For nongolfers, the occasional jingle of a disc hitting the metal chain and basket can seem a strange addition to chirping birds, rustling tall grass and bellowing bovine. But soon the sound blends in as part of the nature of the park, and the air doesn’t seem complete without it.

5000 Pressley Road., Rohnert Park. 707.477.2468.—N.G.

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