Sunday Morning Doubles

Jeff Talbot was kind enough to record the happenings at the weekly doubles match held on Sunday mornings at Sonoma State University. The baskets that were formerly around the perimeter of the parking lot were removed several years ago when the new dorms were being built, but there is an obstacle course that now plays through the campus. A bunch of guys gather in the parking lot across from the tennis courts at 9am each Sunday to test their skill (and their heckling ability) and honor the original course. If you were curious as to what goes on during these matches have a look and maybe join them. In all honesty, I believe they must have been on their best behavior for this shoot because I have heard talk of previous matches where the discussion dealt with such topics as Lou’s pole and how unwise it might be to lean over to pick up your disc and the techniques of approaching from the rear. No, guys…you’re there to play disc golf.

Sonoma State Doubles 3/21/2010

Jeff if doing a series of these videos as a way of becoming more experienced with the camera. To check out the SSU series browse to the series home on YouTube and maybe subscribe. If you need video of your event, you might contact Jeff Talbot and work something out. You can phone Jeff at 707-260-2696.

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