The Madness at Lake Mendocino

Today is the last day you can register online from this site for the UFOS Pro Am Jam. We will take our last read for entries around 8pm tonight. We will be heading up to Lake Mendocino bright and early tomorrow morning, so anything received after today will be too late for the tournament and will be refunded after we return on or about 6/5. We will be accepting registrations tomorrow, Friday June 1st shortly after noon. Tournament central will be located at the POMO A Day Use area of Kyen Campgrounds. This is at the North Course.. We chose the North Course for its’ proximity to the Lake and for its’ nicer (and shaded) campground.

Players packages will not be available until Saturday. We had hoped to hand out the packs to pre registered players as they checked in, but, due to a late delivery, we will most likely not have our shirts on Friday. Pre registered players will be notified to pick up theirs first on Saturday. After those have been given out, any remaining will be given out in the order of registration. We are trying to avoid last years’ situation where some pre-registered players did not receive their players pack when some late registrations did.

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