Help Wanted

We are always looking for volunteers. Check out these listings for the 2012 year..

1. Always in need of artwork for discs, posters and shirts. Have an artistic nature? Please submit your ideas.

U.F.O.S. Pro Am Jam

One of the big challenges in holding a tournament outside our immediate area is not only getting stuff here and there but also getting stuff from here to there.

We need folks to round up and wrangle sponsors. Due to the economic crisis, club $$ just aren’t available to fund players packages and the raffle. Have an in with a company who is a likely candidate for sponsorship? Have something you want to contribute? Contact Webmama.

Photographer wanted. We don’t have Justin this year, so we are in need of official photographer and/or videographer. We will provide you a campsite. Contact Webmama.

Taking up a truck? Have room for a few more boxes? Again, let us know.

Sometime between now and June we may need to get a work crew up to put in a day at the North Course. There is one Ranger working on it and he can always use a little help. We could also use a layout map and pin distances.

Support the sport and support the club! Volunteer to help out at club activities. Make our events a success, and earn points from the Gods of Disc Golf! Maybe the next time you hit the top rim the Gods will actually let it go in!


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