An Introduction to Disc Golf

Disc golf is played under much the same rules as "regular" golf. The difference is in the equipment. Instead of a ball and clubs players use a type of Frisbee® These are not the same Frisbee® you throw at the beach, however. Golf discs are made of a more durable and heavier plastic and are designed for differing purposes. There are "drivers", "putters", "approach" (or mid-range) discs" and within these classifications, there are differing weights and designs with different flight characteristics. The appropriate disc is thrown from a tee area toward a basket or "pole hole".

Subsequent throws are made from where the previous disc lands, until you put the disc in the basket. The fewer throws you make, the better the score. Some courses, known as "object" courses, are not equipped with baskets. They may instead have a post or a tree with a "target" or "zone" painted on it. This makes it very easy, and inexpensive to set up a course in your area.

Disc golf courses have multiples of 9 holes as is the case with traditional golf. The average course is 18 holes, but some are 9 or 27. As with traditional golf, most courses are designed with obstacles, such as trees, water-bodies, etc. That keeps things interesting and makes you wonder why sadists and maniacs are put in charge of designing courses. Going out of bounds will also add strokes to your score and gray to your hair. No allowance is made for the whims of nature, and such things as gusts of wind, rain storms, bee hives and mountain lions will definitely put a kink in an otherwise beautiful day.

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