Disc Golf is not a new sport. In fact, it's been lurking around colleges and universities for a long time. Now Disc Golf has a wide (and International) following of players, tournaments, and professionals. With new clubs and courses springing up daily it is truly one of the fastest growing sports world-wide.


If you are new to the sport of Disc Golf, We want to wish you the warmest of welcomes! We are super glad to have you and glad that you are taking time to do your research in order to learn more about this great sport and better your game. Below you will find enough information to at least get you started, if not get you to begin excelling at this wonderful past-time!

Please notice the menu to the far right. These are items on our site that will be of special interest to you as one who is just getting started in our great sport.

I encourage you to check the "About" page. The UFOS have been around a long time, we were here yesterday and we will be here tomorrow.

How to Get Started

Just Play! Join a mentor (more established player) and start to play. You make arrangements to meet up with one through our Facebook Group. Check the menu to the right. We also have a number of weekly random doubles events at different courses in which we try to pair an "A" pool player (better than average or pro) with a "B" pool player(the rest of us) to make a Mentor/Apprentice team. Show up at a weekly activity. Every UFOS is a teacher. Our mandate is to introduce new players to the sport. We are more than ready to offer instruction and pointers. Don't be afraid to ask.

Which Discs Should I Buy?

Well, to get started you need a driver (distance disc) and a putter (close in). Which ones? Don't get so caught up in the right equipment. You don't know yet what the right equipment is for you! Just buy a couple of good basic Discraft or Innova discs that feel comfortable and play with those for a couple of rounds.
Your mentor will have suggestions and all players carry extra discs in their bags. Don't be afraid to ask to throw one before you run out and spend a lot of money on discs that may not work with the throwing style you are going to develop. Different discs work differently for different people in different situations. Let your mentor guide you in this but remember that, in the end, you will keep what works best for you!

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