The United Flyers of Sonoma Disc Golf Club is an association of disc golfers and other disc-sport enthusiasts formed to represent their collective interests. The club represents members from Sonoma and Marin Counties, and all courses therein.


The Club's Purpose is to:

Coordinate the members' efforts in matters of:

  • Course development, imporvement, and maintenance.
  • Program and event scheduling and development.
  • Communication with members, recreational disc golfers, the community, the respective park departments and other clubs.

Provide club members an organization:

  • To promote membership and participation locally and regionally.
  • To voice their opinions and participate in a disc golf organization.
  • To provide credibility with park departments, potential sponsors, the PDGA and local government agencies.
  • To expand disc golf in the area.



I will be fair, honest, and respect the course, the game, and my fellow disc golfers at all times. I will represent all that is good and fun about disc golf to the best of my abilities and always strive to be an ambassador for the United Flyers of Sonoma and for the sport of Disc Golf.


  • Must pay dues and fulfill minimal responsibilities outlined below.
  • Are entitled to full benefits and discounts and attendance to club meetings.


  • One year membership in the United Flyers Club
  • Right to attend club meetings and exclusive members-only events.
  • Right to vote in club elections
  • Membership card with a permanent member number.
  • Club shirt, club apparel or other club "swag".
  • Discounts on selected club events, merchandise and participating businesses.

Dues Schedule

All memberships are valid from January 1st through December 31st regardless of member start or renewal date. $30/Year


  • Maintain active club status and dues.
  • Support the Club, its sponsors and its members.
  • Assist with course maintenance and clean-up.
  • Give assistance to new players and visitors.
  • Abide by PDGA rules of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility.
  • Attend the annual club meeting.

Suspension of Membership:

A member may be suspended by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors for any of the following:

  • Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct, such as: cursing, throwing objects in anger, excessive displays of anger, overt rudeness, violence, threats or willful physical harm to anyone present.
  • Willful destruction or harming of park property, plant life, or wildlife.
  • Cheating: A willful attempt to circumvent the rules.
  • Activities that are in violation of the law, park regulations, or club rules.

The suspension shall continue until the next regularly scheduled club meeting. The suspended member may address the Club. A positive simple majority vote by the board of directors will be required for reinstatement. During a suspension, the suspended party loses all club privileges and voting rights. There will be NO reimbursement of club dues. A suspended member that is denied reinstatement may reapply the following year but is subject to the same voting approval requirement at that time.

Operational Procedures:

Operating Protocol

The Club shall conduct meetings and business in a parliamentary manner with voting members electing a Board of Directors who then conduct club business based on the input from the Club membership.

Club Meetings and Elections

  • Monthly Meetings: Monthly meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. The meeting time and location are subject to change, but there shall be a meeting held at least once per calendar month.
  • Annual Meetings: The Club shall meet in October for the annual meeting. The annual meeting shall consist of the election of officers, voting for Referendums or Charter changes, membership polls, and event scheduling and planning. (Elected officers shall take office at the first scheduled meeting of the following year.)
  • Board Meetings: Minimum of quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors to discuss long-range goals, appointments, special projects, or emergency situations.
  • Special Elections: Special Elections may be called at a monthly meeting to replace or add an officer during the year. The Chairman may appoint a temporary officer if needed.
  • Absentee Voting: Members who are unable to attend a meeting may submit an absentee vote for matters of interest to them by submitting their opinion/vote to the Chairman in writing prior to the meeting. This does not replace the member's implied duty to attend meetings.


Some Club business may be too important to decide at a monthly meeting and may require a vote of the entire membership at the annual meeting or at a special meeting. These Referendums must be voted on and be approved by a 2/3 majority of present members.



All official Club operations shall be overseen by a Club officer. It shall be the duty of all elected officers to do their best to serve the Club and to fulfill their responsibilities. Officers are required to attend Club and Board meetings. Only active members may be elected and hold office. An officer may be removed from office by a simple majority vote by he Board of Directors. All terms shall be for one year periods, running from January 1st through December 31st. If there are no nominees for a given position, the incumbent shall retain their directorship. There are no specified term limits for any of the directorships.



The Chairman shall preside over meetings and direct overall Club operations. The Chairman shall review applications and volunteer appointments. The Chairman shall appoint one or more Sergeant-at-Arms as needed and shall administer all judgments related to Club rules. The Chairman may appoint temporary replacements for officials who cannot complete their terms. The Chairman has access to club funds and may disburse funds from, or deposit funds to the club account as needed, but the Director of Finance shall be made aware of all such activity.


The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman and shall be second in charge whenever the Chairman is not available. Unless otherwise prohibited, the incumbent Chairman shall assume the role of Vice-Chairman after completing their term as Chairman. The vice-chairman has access to club funds and may disburse funds from, or deposit funds to the club account as needed, but the Director of Finance shall be made aware of all such activity.


The Finance Director shall manage, account, deposit and disperse all common Club funds. This officer shall provide financial status reports at all club and board meetings. The finance director must be mae aware of all funds soing into or coming out of the club account.


The Communication Director shall oversee all aspects of membership including but not limited to: collection of dues, maintaining a club database, correspondence with members, membership outreach and regular projects to help grow the club. This officer shall oversee the Club website and maintain the Club email address.


The Promotions Director shall be responsible for Club public relations. This includes notifying media of special events and contacts with the respective Parks departments. This officer shall coordinate fund-raising efforts with Event Directors for specific events and shall accept applications and appoint leaders and staff for special clinics and promotions.


The Program Director shall oversee all Club disc golf events. This officer shall coordinate scheduling (within the club and with other clubs), organization and leadership of club events including but not limited to: all sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments, leagues, weekly doubles, all fund-raisers, and all special events. The Programming Director shall accept applications and appoint Event Directors and help recruit volunteers.


The Facilities Director shall be responsible for course maintenance, course improvements and course development. This officer shall conduct monthly clean-up and maintenance projects covering all courses as well as coordinating work with the respective parks departments. All course modifications must be applroved by a majority vote by the board of directors. The director of facilities shall report all expenditures and revenues for all courses at the monthly club meetings.


All Directors are encouraged to create committees, receive applications and make appointments for special assignments for their respective positions. It is not the intent that the Directors do all the work but that the work gets done. This also helps to develop future club leaders and officers. Appointments shall be reviewed by the Chairman of the Board as a check and balance.

All appointments and committees shall be selected from volunteers and members may not be drafted for the position. All appointees and committee members must be members in good standing with the club.

A person may be elected to more than one directorship. If one of the directorships goes unfilled, the duties of that position are to be divided among the other standing directors.

Each member of the Board will have one ote during Board meetings. The Chairman may cast the additional deciding vote in the event of ties.


Some appointments and committees must be filled at all times. These appointments and committees may change over time.

COURSE MANAGER:-Each course must have at least one active Course Manager, to be appointed by the Director of Facilities. The Course Manager is responsible for all activities and facilities at the course they manage. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Identifying maintenance needs and receiving course input from members, players and the community.
  • Directing weekly events, or appointing a TD to run weekly course events.
  • Collecting funds from weekly events and transferring and reporting thise funds to the Director of Facilities.
  • Scheduling, coordinating and managing work parties, course maintenance and events.

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