As with any other sport, Disc Golf has a "language" of its' own. To understand what all those guys down at
the pub are crying about after a round, you need to translate the code. Here are some common Disc Golf terms
to round out your vocabulary.

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putting the disc in the basket on your tee shot, same as a hole in one in ball golf.
n. Marty got an ace on hole seven.
v. Dave aced hole ten.
a. Darn near got one that time; it was an ace run for sure.

Amateur or AM

Refers to a playing divison, much as Pro or Open. AM's often do not compete for non-cash prizes
in tournament play. Tournaments are sometimes restricted to certain playing divisions.
eg: I'm going to play the Amateur up at Chico this weekend.

Approach Shot

any throw that is not a putt or a tee shot. Usually a second throw for beginners.
n. I botched my drive, but I had a great save with my approach shot


The standard Disc Golf shot made across the body.
eg:Since I learned to throw backhand, I'm getting more distance from my shots.


scoring one under par for a hole. (these you want to get :))
n. I shot my first birdie on hole one, but then I totally fell apart.


scoring one over par for a hole. Double bogey is two over par.(these you don't want to get 🙁 )
a. I got a birdie on three, but then I bogied 4 and 5 and double-bogied 6.
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When multiple groups are playing a course, one group will yell "clear" when they finish a hole to let the group following them know it is ok to proceed.
Closest to Pin. In many tournaments one hole is designated at the "CTP Hole". A prize is given to the player who is closest to pin off the tee.


A tee shot or a first throw, usually a long one.
eg:Did you see that drive? I've taken vacations shorter than that!


a disc designed for long distance throwing, usually thrown on the tee shot.
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the falling off of a disc at the end of its path. Right handed throwers tend to fade left.

Falling Putt

a putt in which the player steps over his lie before demonstrating balance. Results in a one stroke penalty


When there are other people in the target area or if the player cannot see if there are other people in the target area, the player shouts this to let others
know there is a disc in the air. Getting hit with a golf disc isn't fun!
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Hole Out

to finish play by placing or tossing your disc in the basket.
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Lay Up

To throw the disc so that it lands close to the basket as opposed to trying to make the put. Often used if the basket is on an uphill slope or hill.


A local competition group composed of players of all skill levels, with the more proficient players playing with a handicap.


The position from which you must throw, determined by where the previous shot landed. Your lie is usually
at the most forward edge of your disc.
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A course direction that must be observed, usually indicated by a marker. For example, there may be a white
arrow pointing to the left while the basket is downhill to the right. You must throw in the direction indicated by
the arrow.


A miniature disc used to mark your lie. While miniature courses are sometimes played for fun, they are not
sanctioned tournament events. In tournament play, you must carry one mini as a marker disk.


The lowest adult division. Generally restricted to beginners or those players who have never won a competition.


Out of Bounds. These are usually marked on a course. In tournament play, the O.B.s are clearly stated at
the players meeting before play. Going OB results in a one stroke penalty. Your next throw must begin at the
place where your disc went out of bounds. Too many of these can definitely give you a headache!


Again, this refers to a division of play. Open divisions usually play for cash prizes.


Used to refer to the flight characteristics of a disc. A disc that is overstable will tend to
go left for a right handed thrower and right for a left handed player.
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The amount of throws allowed to make the hole. In Disc Golf the par is usually three.
Par for the course is scored as even or zero.


The Basket or Post Hole

Pin Position

The position of the basket. Larger and tournament courses may have multiple pin position and move the
basket to an alternate position for subsequent rounds.


Your attempt to put the disc in the basket, usually from within 30 meters of the basket.


Type of throw where the rolls, usually at the end of a throw or in an area with many obstacles. Can also refer to a disc that is good for rolling.
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Someone who playes at a level less than their capabilities, usually to insure that they will
win. Can also be someone who is playing in a too easy division


A throw in which the disc is pulled towards the back foot.


A motion used at the end of the throw to propel the disc forward. It puts more distance on the throw.

Straddle Putt

A putt in which the player stands facing the basket with legs apart. Often used when obstacles prevent a forward putt.

Tee Stroke

A one stroke penalty for a disc which lands two meters or more above the ground, usually in a tree. The lie is marked under the disc.


A Disc Golf competition that follows the rules set down by the PDGA. However, it may not be a PDGA sanctioned

Turn Over

To throw a disc so that it rolls or turns in the same direction as the throwing arm.
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Discs that will turn over or go in the same direction as the throwing arm on a backhand throw.
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